Catering Menu

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Casserole (serve 10-12)
     Sausage, bacon, egg, cheese bake to perfection
     With fruit (10 min) add 2.50 per person
By tray $52
Lunch/Dinner Cuisine Package
Includes your choices of 1 entree & 1 side, tossed salad, dressing (excluded taco & fajita bar)
(Side choice: Steam rice, garlic bread, green bean, steam broccoli, stir fried mix vegetable)
$11.95 pp
Hibachi Chicken
     Seasoned chicken breast cook to perfection, then finish with our homemade teriyaki sauce
Grilled Pineapple Chicken
     Grilled chicken with honey teriyaki sauce, and top with a juicy warm pineapple on top
Sweet and Sour Meatball
     Sautéed Italian season 100% beef meatball mix with homemade pineapple sweet &sour sauce
Grilled Chicken Alfredo Pasta  
Spaghetti meatball ball with roast garlic tomato sauce  
Taco Bar (min 20) Everything you need to make your own tacos
     Including grilled chicken, crispy tortillas, flour tortillas, Mexican rice, chips, salsa, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream.
     With chicken  
Fajita Bar (min 20) Everything you need to make your own fajitas
     Including your choice of Chicken or Beef(+$1.5), onion, and peppers. Served with Mexican rice, chips, salsa, flour tortillas, and sour cream.
Assortments of beautiful Icon signature rolls put together in the right color combination, creating a beauty piece for your event
Raw (for 10 people) $120 per tray
Cook (for 10 people) $99 per tray
Crab Cigar (10 pieces per order)
Crab meat, cream cheese with green onion wrap with egg roll shell, fried until crispy
Pork and veg egg roll (10 pieces per order) $24.99
Chicken and vegetable dumpling (20 pieces per order) $31.99
Asian style or House salad (10 people per order)
Lettuce, spring mix, cucumber and carrot top with sesame seed, soft Asian noodle and toasted almond
     With chicken $39.99
     With grilled shrimp $49.99
Bacon wrap tiger shrimp (10 skewers w 2 shrimp/skewer) $49.99
Chicken Satay (10 pieces) $29.99
Tempura sweet and spicy chicken wing (20p per order) $35.99
Crab, Avocado, cucumber salad (10 people per order) $29.99
OTHER PARTY IDEAS (10 to 12 people)

Included ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and original tropical sauce
Crepe Sandwich tray $99
Crepe sandwich w/ chip &cookie box lunch (min 10) $10.99
Mine Croissant sandwich tray $99
Croissant sandwich w/ chip &cookie box lunch (min 10) $10.99
Seasonal Rainbow style fruit tray $59.99
Chop Fruit Salad $34.99
Fresh Vegetable Tray $49.99
Fruit and Vegetable tray $49.99
Cheese Tray $69.99
Vegetable and cheese Tray $59.99
Chocolate banana Crepe w/ whip cream (min 10) $49.99
Banana Split Dessert (min 10)
     Cinnamon cracker crumb top with fresh strawberry, pineapple, banana & vanilla pudding and whip cream