Lava Stone

lava-stoneCafe Icon is the first restaurant in the great city of Edmond, Oklahoma to present the unique, delicious & healthy interactive dining experience of The Black Rock Lava Stone Grill.

What is it?
The lava stone is made from the stones that originate from inside a volcano. The stones are heated to 824° F in our specially designed black rock ovens.

You can enjoy a meal freshly prepared and cooked to your personal taste on our lava stone at your table.

The unique black rock lava stone at 824° F sears in all the natural juices, flavours, & nutrients of your choice of protein. No oil or fat is used in the cooking process to guarantee a taste that is unique, delicious & healthy.

For the perfect black rock lava grill experience, simply use your fork & knife to cut one or two bite size portions of your chosen protein & lay them on the rock to sear & cook to your liking, whether it’s rare, medium, or well done.

The black rock lava stone will stay extremely hot, enough to cook for approximately 35 minutes, so take your time & enjoy the unique experience. Experience our fresh seafood, hand-cut beef filets, lamb & any of our other mouthwatering dishes, served with creative combinations of spices & sauces for a special night out.